Who is Amy?!





Coach, writer and creative connecting the dots through learning, self development, love and inspiration.

I've always had a natural curiosity for human behavior and self help.

I'd always had a desire to help people at a young age, but was told before I left school 'no one will take you seriously until you're 25', so instead I followed my creative flow and became a qualified as a hair stylist.

As much as I had fun, enjoyed meeting a number of different people and transforming them in a different kind of way there was still that desire to go a little deeper and transform the person within.

Throughout my 20 year span of hairdressing I was very privileged to spend the last 3 of those years working alongside women going through chemotherapy, requiring a wig.

It was a great insight for me to understand how I could manage daily with delicate, difficult situations, mixed emotions and how I could best support my clients through this transition.

I myself have had my fair share of trials and understood through my own journey I had developed a depth of compassion and empathy, which in turn was vital for creating trust and connection.

With the birth of my second child in 2014 I was fortunate to have had the time to ponder the direction of my career path and gradually I started to revisit my desire to connect in a more authentic way, personally and professionally.

With that I began my own journey, I rediscovered my fascination with the human spirit, inner connection and started to reflect my own way of 'being' and what I was truly desiring. 

I went on my own journey toward of self discovery and loved challenging what it meant to 'be' my authentic self.

Fast forward to today, I'm a qualified life coach, living my passion, immersed in what I love. It's a joy helping women feel empowered, listen to their own inner knowing, guiding them to follow their truth, grow, transform and create a life they also love! 

'Together we rise, together we bloom'


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